Punctuation problems

What does a semi-colon do? Hyphens, dashes, en-dashes and em-dashes – what are they, and why are there so many alternatives? And just where does a full stop or a comma go, when you also have quote marks? These knotty problems all have an answer – although it will be a different answer depending on whether you are writing for a UK or a US audience.

This section will gradually fill up with posts on such topics; in the meantime, have a look at the Oxford Dictionaries online section on punctuation, for comprehensive guidance. If you are looking for a reliable, thorough and handy-sized reference book on the subject – for UK style – I highly recommend New Hart’s Rules, published by Oxford University Press (OUP).

If you have any questions you’d particularly like me to try and address, do let me know! My email address is below this page, or you can use the Contact form.

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