Organisations, businesses and charities

Whether you are a business, a charity, a gallery or any other kind of organisation, if you produce anything that will be seen or read by the public – whether that is in print or online – you may well find an editor or proofreader helpful. From structuring and streamlining a leaflet to checking the labels for a museum exhibit, I can help you make sure that the text is clean, clear and error-free. I can even help you write it!

I also offer a more creative service, conceiving and running projects for galleries and museums, working with staff and volunteers where appropriate. Projects I’ve worked on include a 'talking museum' audio guide for visually impaired visitors to the John Gray Centre museum in Haddington, and Animating John Gray, a project to introduce East Lothian’s then brand-new heritage centre to the region’s schools and families and involving drama, art, storytelling and computer skills.

Do get in touch for a friendly and informal discussion about what you need, and how I can help you.

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